Smoothies & Lily Jade

I have a confession-I have TERRIBLE eating habits. I have for as long as I can remember! Lately with the craziness that the days can bring- I often find myself not eating anything until 1:00 when Emelia goes down for a nap and then I’m binging like a mad woman. As my daughter gets older I’m trying to make it a point to be better about this. I want to instill good eating habits in her and I also want her to have a healthier relationship with food, so I’ve been doing my best to become better at this aspect of my life. This week we’ve been trying out smoothies and it honestly has been really easy and great! It also makes me feel good knowing I’m getting something healthy in me right in the morning. Plus, I literally just blend this up as I’m out the door and drink it in the car! Today was a strawberry smoothie -it’s delicious, even Emelia thought so–she got the first few sips before we were out the door this morning!

FullSizeRender 56 FullSizeRender 53 FullSizeRender 54

Before we got in the car I snapped a couple pictures –I’ve been meaning to take some photos and write about this amazing Lily Jade diaper bag I actually won via Sandy A La Mode’s Blog (THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN SANDY)!  Her blog is really fun and I was jumping for joy when she had contacted me that I won the Sarah Grace bag from Lily Jade!

FullSizeRender 62

These bags are amazing! The best thing about this bag is it is designed not only as a diaper bag but a bag for mamas too when they don’t have their little baby boos with them! Each bag comes with a removable and washable organizer that has 14+ pockets! Just remove the organizer and you can use this bag for every day use! The quality is so great and I feel great carrying it!

IMG_2461 1

IMG_2460 1

Pictured is everything I typically keep in my bag for Emelia–Don’t mind her new dinosaur toy from her Grandma–she’s into it right now–so we brought it with today. I always have snacks–if my kid is entering pre-melt down stage–I can usually keep her preoccupied a bit longer with snacks and her sippy so we bring them everywhere we go! The bag keeps us organized and just makes life easier! I truly love this bag! Thank you again to Sandy and to Lily Jade for being so giving I cannot thank you enough!

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