Colander Hat Dance Party

Yesterday we did a smoothie again before we did our morning errands–strawberry, banana, and spinach–as I finished blending and pouring into my to go cup–my little shadow entered the kitchen making a “MMMM” noise—code for—” I’ll have some of that!” So she sipped away in her high chair for a few. When I finally asked “Can mommy have some?” her response was quickly “NO!” I guess this smoothie recipe was a hit again (little does missy know there’s a green leafy veggie in there)! But I’ll get her (and me) to eat veggies any way I can!

FullSizeRender 68

After our smoothie war we stopped up at Rob’s Meat Chop,our local meat market in Dyer. I love this place! If you’re local in Northwest Indiana and have never been there try it out! They expanded over this past year and they seriously have EVERYTHING! My husband loves this place so I try to go there every so often to pick him up some manly food! As you can see, Emelia walked through like she owned the place. Her most exciting part of the trip was the suckers they give out at the checkout counter (one more reason to love Rob’s)–that little chickadee did not make one peep the whole way home.

FullSizeRender 66

IMG_2489 2

We took advantage of the weather again and got outside a bit. Indiana gave us a teaser of spring the past week and a half–this weekend we’re back to 30s-40s so I figured why not stay out as long as possible. She’s so fun to take on walks these days! She likes to talk about everything that catches her eye-birds-trucks- and her favorite thing currently, DOGS. She loves them–actually slightly is obsessing over them. Our neighbor’s dog Sophie, or “Soapie” as Em likes to call her will have to do for now. This house is currently in a no dog zone–for now at least! After our walk and chats we did bubbles for a while–then the water works began when we had to quit those and come inside for lunch, she has to squeeze her academy award dramatics in there somewhere I swear.

FullSizeRender 67

FullSizeRender 78

While I started lunch she got the colanders out so we could have our colander hat dance party (don’t judge, we do this often) while the grilled cheese finished up! Then we took a selfie before cheersing over grilled cheese and grapes! : )

IMG_2509 1

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!




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