Panera Dates and Costco Runs

This was a pretty laid back weekend. Friday night Emelia seemed to be feeling better and was pretty stir crazy so we went out together for a Panera dinner date. She loves the macaroni and cheese there and it was the first time she has seemed to have an appetite in about a week so I was glad to see her eating. She is such a ham! It was wonderful to see a smile on her face again.

IMG_2613 1

Saturday was pretty uneventful–it was my Saturday evening to work–so that kind of consumed the evening. Working evenings especially on the weekend can kind of–well–suck. But working evenings also allows Emelia to spend time with just Chad which I think is so important for the two of them.

Late in the morning we did a Costco run with my mama–or as Emelia calls her “Maga”. My mom has been dying to get her a playhouse for outside. So off we went with Maga to Costco and Maga’s little princess got her playhouse! I’m so excited for Chad to set it up this week! I’m looking forward to the warmer weather that is hopefully heading back our way!

I’m not a super Costco believer, now my mom, my mom is a super believer. To be honest I think the store is awesome, it’s just way to big, with way too many people typicallly (as I’ve said on the blog before, big grocery stores give me anxiety) but they do have everything, and their prices are pretty good! They always have great samples all throughout the store as well which is great when you are shopping with kids to keep them preoccupied (Emelia loves the pizza).

IMG_2627 1 IMG_2623 1

Today they were sampling a brie cheese and it was delicious with these crackers. I knew I had a cherry jam at home to go with it so I picked it up. It’s honestly such an easy snack but even easier and nicer to have at home for a little appetizer if you randomly have some people over! I got this cherry jam from The Harvest Bread Company which is this adorable, new place next to one of the shops in Crown Point where I have my Simply Emelia booth. If you are ever in the square and are looking for homemade bread, soups, sandwhiches, and little specialties like this homemade jam I recommend you stop on in! I love it there!

FullSizeRender 87

FullSizeRender 88


My sweet mama also got me this beautiful Hydrangea! They are my favorite and it is literally lighting up my dining room on this dreary day! It’s a beautiful site I get to look at while sipping my coffee and blogging this afternoon–and it is a great reminder–spring is coming! I cannot wait to plant flowers and start my first vegetable garden with Emelia this year!

IMG_2631 1

Thanks for reading!



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