Weekend Fun

If could give any new parent advice (with the 22 months of expertise I have) it would be to take as many pictures as you can…with a real camera not just your phone. Once again this weekend came and went and I wish I would have taken more photos. Friday morning I went to Skyzone with Emelia and she loved jumping and being able to run free. The Skyzone in our area has toddler jump 10 am-11 am Friday mornings and we love it there. After that we did our usual errands–then it was home for my baby boo’s nap.   Friday evening Emelia had a date night with her Maga (my mom). They spent the evening two of Em’s favorite places Target and Panera while Chad and I went to meet our friend’s new baby boy! It was so good to see them and spend some time together! Their son is the sweetest and that baby smell–I could sit and hold him and smell that sweetness forever. They have adjusted into the parent world like such pros and it’s awesome to see two people who we love so much grow their little family!

Saturday was busy! Emelia spent the morning with Chad while I ran errands for my business, Simply Emelia. My booths needed to be restocked and there was this “HUB RUN” going on in the Crown Point square. Pretty much every street was blocked off–how I made it there I’ll never be able to tell you–and I thanked Jesus when I got back in my car for not letting the Crown Point police ticket/tow my vehicle for being in a no parking zone.

Saturday evening we attended my sweet nephew’s third birthday party. I wish I could have recorded his reaction as all his guests arrived ” THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY”! He was so excited and that child can put a smile on your face and make you laugh without even trying. He has been so articulate since the age of one (I tell my brother-in-law and sister- in- law they may have a genius on their hands). Again–forgot to take photos at the party!

Sunday was another busy day. I had an old friend’s bridal shower that day in the afternoon so we spent the morning with Emelia and played before I left. Daddy pulled out the golf clubs and insists that his little girl is going to be a golfer (gag). It was fun watching them play together even if it was with a golf club in hand.

IMG_3011  IMG_3016

After I got back in the afternoon Chad went out golfing with the guys. I waited for my sweet girl to wake up from her nap and I found myself very bored by 4:30 so we headed over to Auntie Shay Shays and Uncle Aaron’s to play with cousin Levi! These two are only 6 months a part and it’s so sweet watching them together. I love watching her build bonds with her cousins and I’m so thankful she has them in her life. We try our best to snap sweet moments of the kids together as often as possible.

Hugs–kisses—and holding hands –if that doesn’t make you a big softie I don’t know what will!

FullSizeRender 121 FullSizeRender 123  FullSizeRender 124

Today Em was up at 6:45 (barf) I prefer after 7 am personally but I’m on Emelia’s daily schedule not my own these days! So we made it out of the house pretty early and headed out to do some shopping and grab some groceries from Aldi. This past weekend at the birthday party they served a salad with mini cucumbers. Don’t ask me why but I’ve never bought or eaten mini cucumbers. I think they are my new obsession–so you know they were on the Aldi list today! While I skipped down the aisle excited over my cucumbers Emelia “YUMMMED” down the aisle about her grapes!

FullSizeRender 122

Then it was home for lunch and nap time! I made this salad this afternoon and it’s so, so good! I almost didn’t wish I was eating a cheeseburger (I said almost).But really–it’s good! Sweet banana peppers, feta cheese, and Newman’s honey mustard dressing are my favorite! I also added the new favorite-mini cucumbers + tomatoes! But I can’t promise I didn’t eat a Hostess Hoho after the salad (whatever).

FullSizeRender 127 FullSizeRender 126

This past weekend I also did a quick Old Navy run and found these amazing pants pictured below. It’s pretty rare for me to find pants this easily that I like–so when this occurs I buy multiples–and even more exciting news–they were on CLEARANCE for $10.99! So I bought both color options the store had available in my size and then used my $10 store reward certificate (CAN YOU SAY BARGAIN?!). I wore them out today shopping and they are so comfortable! So if you see me out somewhere I can’t promise I wont have them on repeatedly but I can promise if I’m not wearing these I will be in my signature yogas!

FullSizeRender 125

Ah! Nothing like your favorite pants–a nice comfy sweater–and sipping coffee with your feet up while your baby naps!

Hope you have a great day!



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