Bunco | Garage Sales | Family Time

As the weather gets warmer weekends become busier! This weekend was nothing short of a busy one! My sister-in-laws are a part of a Bunco group that meet once a month and occasionally I sub for them when another group member cannot come. This was one of those Fridays! To be honest, I’m not a game person (I know I’m so boring) but I’m just not. I don’t really go to play the game, I go to spend time with my sister-in-laws and the other women I have met through them. It’s good to get out and spend sometime with other young women and socialize! It was such a fun Friday evening and I’m thankful they invite me to sub for the group but also that I have such great sister-in-laws that are two of my best friends.


Saturday was also a busy day. Emelia and I woke up early and headed over to my in-laws for their subdivision garage sale. It was nice to see the family and watch the kids play together for a few hours that morning. It also isn’t so bad watching people buy the stuff you don’t want anymore! I was thankful for the timing of the garage sale because I plan to use the money toward the yearly spring landscaping for the house.


After we left the garage sale we headed to Menards and Emelia wasn’t too thrilled with this store-shortly after arriving the shoes were coming off and snacks were flying–needless to say I got what I needed and sprinted out of there–I guess she doesn’t enjoy tools and the gardening aisles.


Then we headed home and I did some work outside in the yard before lunch time. She LOVES it outside and she often gives me a little kick and scream when I try to drag her in for lunch and a nap these days.

IMG_3161 IMG_3167

Saturday she was feeling EXTRA stubborn and decided to boycott her afternoon nap altogether. Which I was not too thrilled about due to the fact Chad and I had a surprise 60th birthday party to attend that evening and I knew she would be a bear by 6:00 for my poor Grandma. But, she actually ended up doing ok and fell asleep by 6:50 that evening!

Today we spent the early part of the day with my mom. Sometimes you just need to have some mama time! We did some shopping at Home Depot (Emelia wasn’t pleased with this one either).

Then we hit TJ MAXX and Panera (she approved of these). She also approved of these outdoor pillows my mom picked up!

IMG_3181 (1) IMG_3184

We headed home and my mom helped me do a little more landscaping then we called it a day so I could put my sweat pea down for a nap. Today she napped three hours–toddlers truly are unpredictable. Chad had a gourmet dinner of cheese sticks and mini tacos and Emelia enjoyed some green beans and a cheese quesadilla. The remainder of the night we enjoyed some cuddling in bed watching my girl’s faves –Doc McStuffin and Mickey Mouse.

And just like that–the weekend has come and gone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and have a great week!


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