Life Slow Down-I’ve Got Memories to Make and Family I Need to Love More

One thing I thought I had learned about myself the last few years is too much down time is not good for me. I’m better on the go–I’m better with no extra over analyzing time. I’m an over thinker by nature and so a lot of extra free time gives me a lot of extra time to think. Now don’t get me wrong–I need a day every now and again to relax–but even then by evening I find myself stirring thinking of something I can do–whether it be yard work–cleaning–or something related to my business. Lately though, I find myself starting to worry if this “on the go” person I am is truly a good thing.

Im finding more frequently I’m feeling like life is literally passing me by. I know many people feel this way–but I can’t help but have feelings of guilt thinking of how fast paced life has become. I find myself wondering if I’m spending enough time with Chad, Emelia, my family, my friends. I find myself saying “How many days has it been since you picked up your bible? How much have you even talked to God this week?” My daughter will be two in June, I’m only a quarter the way through with her 1st year baby book.

This  weekend was packed again. I loved seeing family and friends and spending time together. There’s nothing like laughing with those people you love ! By Sunday afternoon-I was wiped! Instead of spending the afternoon relaxing while Emelia napped, I decided to head out to Crown Point to restock my booths and do some business related work. After spending the remaining of the evening with Emelia it was 7:00 before I knew it. I called my BFF. sister- in- law to chit-chat about our weekend and upcoming week and then hung up to get Emelia ready for bed. Then–my stomach hit the floor. I had forgotten my nephews third birthday. Now some of you are probably saying — what’s the big deal–he’s three he isn’t going to remember if his Aunt called him on his birthday. But to me–this was one of the most disappointing things I could have done. You see I pride myself in being better than that. And really, it’s not even necessarily that I’m calling just for him, I’m calling for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law too– because today is one of the most important days in their lives–and they should know that I’m celebrating with them on this day.

So as I sat and cried on Sunday night I learned a  very important, hard lesson. I’m not necessarily better on the go like I think I am. I need to straighten out my priorities a little bit. I really need to put into perspective what is important day-to-day, and it’s really not about what’s important, but who. I think one of the biggest things I want my family, friends, and daughter to remember about me is that they always knew how much I loved them, but not just by my words, by my actions.

I’ve been setting many goals lately for my business, I think it’s time I start to set some personal weekly goals as well. I think it’s time to put the phone down a little more and focus on that little face that is in front of me watching me on that phone. I think it’s time to finish that first year baby book (and get started on that second). I think it also might be time to invest in a little calendar where I can write down special day’s like my nephew’s birthday–because next year I’ve got some making up to do.

I think it’s time to tell life to slow the heck down–I’ve got memories I’m making and a beautiful family I need to show that I love a little more.




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