Peanut Butter Art, Tomato Mozzarella Salad, and Essential Oils

I so wish I had something more exciting to blog about this week but nothing too extravagant has occurred since I blogged last just three days ago! I do have some exciting future opportunities with my business that I have coming up over the next few months (stay tuned) but my life here at home as wife-mama-and nurse has been pretty laid back this week!

It was smoothie morning again at our house  –avocado, banana, and strawberries with yogurt and almond milk! Delish! I always feel so sneaky when I get to add veggies to my smoothies and Emelia just slurps away not having a clue that there’s all kinds off goodness in that drink for her!



I let Emelia eat a PB&J in the living room today with some string cheese while she finished up her episode of Doc McStuffins before her nap. She came running in the kitchen saying her typical “UH OH” which is usually code for –“Come look and see what I did that I know I’m not supposed to do mom!”. But as I entered the living room I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary so I chalked it up to her just wanting my attention. We went about our usual business and I put her down for her nap. I got myself some lunch and my lap top to catch up on some business emails and walked back into the living room to sit down –I then realized what the “UH OH” was–I was stepping in smeared peanut butter on my wood floors. How I missed this earlier or how neither of us stepped in it before I’m not sure–but I just laughed as I cleaned it up–she probably thought I was a real moron earlier when I didn’t notice that little peanut butter art she did for me on the living room floor.

I thought I’d share one of my favorite, easy (as always) meals with you! I am SUPER picky with salad dressings so when I find one I like I always have it one hand! Panera Bread had this tomato/mozzarella salad years ago that they served with balsamic vinaigrette. Sadly it has been discontinued but I have found a way to make my own at home! Target sells Panera brand salad dressing and they have the balsamic dressing in store! It’s the best dressing! Try it! The only other two things you need on hand is tomatoes and a mozzarella cheese ball–both of these can be found at my other favorite place–ALDI!


Two of my other favorite things right now are my Doterra Wild Orange and Lemon essential oils. I typically always have one of these diffusing in my kitchen and it smells so fresh! Wild Orange is supposed to be a “mood booster” too–I’m only into diffusing the oils for the smells–but I’ll take all the “mood boosting” I can get! I’d like to say I’m some essential oil guru– but I’m pretty much just a bandwaggoner (if we’re being honest here).


I’m a sucky wife blogging instead of making dinner–my hungry hubby just walked in from work wondering where dinner is because skipped lunch today. And here I sit, typing away with my feet up, sipping my usual Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. So as much as I’d love to keep blogging about all of my favorites in life, I’m ending here due to my blue eyed, Dutchman husband giving me the stare down! Bye friends!



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