Mondays and My Dreadful Finances

Honestly, Mondays for me typically are far from difficult. I almost always have a 4 day weekend (hate me-I know). I have a wonderful, flexible schedule right now. We have chosen for me to work less at this time to focus on Emelia while she is little. I spent Monday morning with two of my favorite ladies-Emelia and my Grandma. We did some Aldi shopping and then Emelia spent the rest of the morning with my Gram while I ran some errands and headed to the dreaded-car dealership.



Looking back at the last few years and mostly pre-child, I made a lot of financial mistakes. Going from working full time to part-time and still carrying the same amount of debt and bills from when you were working full time has been an adjustment. There have been many times where I wonder how I will make all my bills for the month. Somehow, there is always enough and the Lord has provided for me month after month. I also am thankful to have such a flexible nursing job that I am able to pick up hours week to week if needed. I’ve been going back and forth about changes I can make to decrease monthly bills. One of the biggest expenses I have right now has been our vehicles. So late Monday I headed back to the car dealership to try to work something out–I spent about 2 hours at the dealership–then left– deciding that I needed to think this through and wait for my husband’s opinion on the new vehicle option.

My in-laws were nice enough to come over to put Emelia to bed and stay with her while we headed back into the dealership Monday night. I was thankful to have brought Chad back with me because I then felt more confident in the decision that I was making. We were able to get a different vehicle and decrease that monthly car payment by a decent amount which was so relieving.

I cannot tell you the last time Chad and I have gone out to dinner together, let alone have a date night, so we stopped in at Tomato Bar to grab some dinner and drinks. It was great to sit and laugh and enjoy a meal together!



What a relief to know that I am going into next month with less expense on my plate! My sister-in-law called me this morning and started talking about finances not even knowing that I traded in my car due to finances just the day before, then she brought up Dave Ramsey. I’ve heard of Dave Ramsey before –but I could never bring myself to start the program. My hope is to slowly start this program with the savings from my vehicle and start to make better financial choices and changes.

So the blog comes to and end here–I’ve got some Dave Ramsey research to do! Wish me luck!



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