Jansma’s Farmstand & Three Off Roading Toddlers

The weather was beautiful this past weekend! It finally feels like spring! I’ve been watching the weather for weeks now waiting impatiently to be able to plant my flowers! Finally–I got to be in my happy place! So on I went to my in-laws farmstand/garden center! I literally could have skipped through the flower aisles! But really, how beautiful is this place (and this isn’t even half of it).  If you live anywhere near Lansing, Illinois stop in at Jansma’s Farmstand for your flowers or some fresh produce! We love it there-but we’re also a little biased!

FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (2)

I loaded the car up with all sorts of plant/flower goodness and headed home! I couldn’t wait to start planting during Emelia’s nap–my little honey had a different plan and boycotted her nap altogether that day. She woke up somewhat stuffy and I thought it was allergies or a cold, so we played outside and I got almost everything planted (besides the vegetable garden).

IMG_3483 IMG_3473 IMG_3487

We just went on with our evening but by bedtime my poor girl had a fever and was up on and off throughout the night. Saturday we did some more yard work but my sick girl was not doing better. Of course–this was my Saturday to work 3-11 but I had a wonderful co-worker come in early for me so I could be home with her after 7:30.

Thankfully Sunday after a trip to urgent care to rule out an ear infection (which was negative) -a dose of Tylenol –  a dose of Zyrtec- and a decent nap-my girl was almost back to her spunky self! We decided to have my husband’s brothers over with their families and grill out while our kids played. My nephew, Brody, the oldest of the cousin trio-tried out Emelia’s new toy and took his two younger cousins for rides in our back yard. And good thing that toy has seat belts– because the chain link fence got a few rams during their off road cruisin! These kids truly show me what this life is all about! There’s nothing better than listening to three babies giggle and making memories with my dear family. I just love my people and there’s no place I’d rather be.

IMG_3524 IMG_3528 IMG_3506



Jansma’s Farmstand
3033 Ridge Road
Lansing, IL 60439

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