Mom Fails & Bedtime Songs

Ah, you know those few mornings you have as a mom where you’ve cleaned your kitchen, bathroom, done laundry, and fed your child and it isn’t even 9:00 am! You’re sipping your coffee and feeling a little full of yourself–then you go to leave your house and your child brings you right back down to reality by having a total meltdown over the fact that she has to wait 2 seconds to get in the car to get a snack–then you get in the car and she doesn’t want that snack–so you reward the fit with a “DOEY” code for donut in Emelia language. Parenting win on my part–NOT! She looks so pleasant in the photo below-doesn’t she?! #momfail.


Her mood quickly shifted in toddler fashion as we hit our weekly visit to her happy place, Target. This was a quick trip–we didn’t hit all our favorite sections –but we did get her favorite food this week. Yogurt. This kid is eating yogurt like it’s her job-she’d eat it every meal if I let her. We’ve given her Stonyfield yogurt since she was about 10 months old. It’s all natural, whole milk yogurt and I guess I should appreciate the fact she washed down that non-organic Dunkin Donut  with a Stonyfield!

Then it was home for a little project for Mother’s Day for Emelia’s Grandmas! So we picasso’d away until nap time! PS this paint did not come out of her clothes–another mom fail for me!


During nap time I made a Pinterest recipe for dinner, Pull Apart Pizza Bread! Super easy, everything came from Aldi, and it’s a perfect work night dinner recipe too! Plus, who doesn’t love pizza?

IMG_3600 IMG_3604

After dinner Emelia had a little dance session with her Daddy, then it was time for a bath and off to dreamland for my sweet girl! Are you admiring her backwards Doc McStuffins headband too??


I cannot believe she will be two at the end of June. I don’t know where the time is going and although I hate how fast life is passing by, at the same time I love all these beautiful memories I’m creating with her. This stage she’s in has been one of my favorites! She is so full of life. Every day she says or does something new and she just oozes sweetness (as my mom says)! One of my favorite parts of my day with her is rocking her before bedtime. Every night as we sit down to rock she looks up at me and says “Jeeyus” and that is my cue to start singing “Jesus Loves Me” to her. Someday I know she will realize that her mommy is a terrible singer, but for now I’ll just keep singing in this out of tune voice no matter how bad I sound.

I can tell by the way she looks up at me that this is one of her favorite parts of our day too, so on I sing.

Hope you’re having a great week!


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