Birthday Celebrations & Mother’s Day 

What a weekend! Full of birthday celebrations, family, and Mother’s Day events! Friday night we celebrated my brother’s (Kyle) 25th birthday over some of my home made lasagna and our family favorite, Beck’s Bakery birthday cake! It was the sweetest watching Emelia get so excited to sing happy birthday to her Ky. She talked about singing the “happy” song the rest of the weekend, but I think her favorite part was that chocolate cake! And really, that cake is something to talk about!

IMG_3674 FullSizeRender IMG_3689

We did a small Mother’s Day celebration with my mom too since we were all together! She got to open Emelia’s art project from last week-a painted bird house! They turned out so cute and I love giving sentimental gifts during these times! Life has become so busy for all of us, so I cherish the moments when my whole family is together. Truth be told I see my mom and brother pretty frequently. It is rare not to see them on a weekly basis, but it is getting more rare for us all to be together in the same place at the same time, so as I said, these moments are the ones I am so thankful for.

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3

 Chad had to work Saturday so Emelia and I dropped off a surprise gift to my step mom (yes, Emelia has 4 grandmothers!) And, yes, you guessed it, one of the surprises was a bird house! Which she also loved!


Then it was off to celebrate her “GG” (my grandma) for a few hours before nap time!  I love to watch these two together-two peas in a pod! What a blessed little girl to have so many Grandmas who love her, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time for us to let them know how much we love them!

IMG_3716 IMG_3723

Emelia slept till 5:00 that evening-and only woke up because we made her! It didn’t take much convincing though-when we told her we were going to her “Titi & RyRy’s” house she pretty much skipped to the door. These are her people and she loves them more than us at times. It could or could not be the fact that her Auntie and Uncle give her all kinds of treats. What was on the menu for Saturday night ? donuts and pizza-two of my kid’s weaknesses! After my brother-in-law gave her that donut she was riding down sugar high lane! I never used to believe that this actually happened to kids–but it does–I witnessed it with my own child this past weekend. She was lovin life- and her RyRy of course.

Sunday we did a random breakfast. Chad and I used to go to breakfast all the time before we had Emelia, now not so much. It’s always in the back of the mind whether or not your toddler is actually going to sit through a meal out in a public place. Truth be told, I catch myself saying “Please let her be good Lord” whenever we do go out to eat. Well my sweet girl must have known it was Mother’s Day because she was on her best behavior!


After an afternoon of relaxation (which really was what I wanted for Mother’s Day). We headed over to the Jansma side to celebrate!  Chad has 4 siblings- there are 9 total when you include us spouses -plus three kids under three (one more nephew on the way)- Chad’s parents-and a partridge in a pear tree (kidding).


It’s a group-and that is just his immediate family-they make a pretty great party!

Like the Dutch say, “If you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much”. My husband likes to remind me that I married a “purebred“, and I like to remind him that he married a pretty great “mut”.


It was a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend and I couldn’t have asked for anything more! What a gift is to be a mother. There are many days when I stare at my daughter and wonder what I did to deserve such an incredible blessing. When I look at my her I want to be better, I want to be the best version of myself, because that is what she deserves!

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our  children teach us what life is all about”

Thank you for reading! And to all you Mamas out there, hope your weekend was as fab as you!


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