I Ain’t No Martha | Strawberry, Rhubarb Jam

Whoosh where did this week go?! I’d love to have a low key weekend approaching after what has seemed to be a busy week but it is the opposite! As I look ahead at my calendar I have something scheduled every weekend until after the 4th of July! I cannot believe it is the middle of the month already and I know I’ll be thinking of the same about this summer season approaching! One thing that is a definite is my little girl keeps me going and is always keeping me laughing!


As my honey approaches TWO (how do I have an “almost” two year old) I find myself trying to cling to every moment more and more these days! Although I hear many people talk about the “terrible twos” I have found that this has been one of my favorite ages with Emelia. Don’t get me wrong, she does have the typical toddler meltdowns and has started to tell me the dreaded word “NO” but for the most part, she’s just such a joy in my life.


This Spring has been so fun! I love this time of year! Last weekend my father-in-law had given me some rhubarb that he has growing in his backyard. I’ve never tried a recipe with it-but with some convincing from him and my other (soon-to-be) brother-in-law I decided to try making some strawberry, rhubarb jam!

It did NOT disappoint!

I found this recipe on Pinterest, only three ingredients all of which I had, so after I put my baby boo to bed I decided to try out my first jam recipe!


I started by cutting all the strawberries and rhubarb into small cubes then tossed them with 1 1/2 cups of sugar and let sit about 30-45 minutes while I indulged in some reality tv.


After about 45 minutes I added the mixture into a wide saucepan and cooked on medium heat until it began to boil. The only negative about this recipe is that you really need to keep an eye on the jam and constantly stir the mixture so it does not burn. It takes about a half hour for the ingredients to blend into a jam texture.

IMG_3787 IMG_3788

I then let the jam cool for about an hour before adding it to my little mason jar! The jam should stay fresh in the jar refrigerated for about a month.


I’ve been eating it all week on my toast or just with bread and butter for a late afternoon snack! It’s delicious and so fresh! I would have never thought of planting rhubarb in the yard but now I just may have to! I cannot wait to make more of this throughout the summer! If you’ve ever thought about trying out a jam recipe I encourage you to use this one! If I can do it–anyone can. I ain’t no Martha and mine turned out just great!




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