Toddler Nap Protest | Fancy Starbucks Drinks to the Rescue

Another busy weekend for the books! Friday I got to see a friend from work get married and we attended her blast of a reception. I forget how much it is necessary to get out with my husband and friends for a night out every once and a while! A night of drinks and dancing! Well, I did ‘some’ dancing, Chad tore up the dance floor as usual, he’s definitely the more outgoing one out of the two of us!



The best part was we were home by midnight and I was in bed by 12:30 -I thought I’d be great come Saturday morning–wrong! My kid was up at 6:50 ready to take on the day and I felt like I got hit by a truck! Which then made me think back to my days pre-child where I stayed out to the whee hours of night and it didn’t effect me in the least. Ugh, I’m getting old–I just can’t hang anymore! In fact, the only place I typically want to ‘hang’ anymore is home in bed on a Friday night! But I still need to remind myself that these nights out are necessary every once in a while!

Saturday we did some morning errands and I worked 3-7 at the hospital for the remainder of the evening. All I could think about at work was heading home and getting to bed EARLY! I slept great! Sunday was a new day and I was feeling back to my old (literally) self! Chad headed out to the golf course so me and my girl spent the day together.

FullSizeRender-9 FullSizeRender-10

She boycotted her nap again. I swear this is happening at least once a week now and I refuse to believe she is already trying to give up her nap. So we headed to Rob’s to grab some dinner options for the week and Miss Emelia insisted on sitting in this little basket cart. I tried to do the whole–“You don’t need to sit in there” “You’re too big for that honey” –but it wasn’t working–so toddler got her way and in she went!


By 5:00 I was going crazy trying to think of things to do before bedtime. So outside we went to run off some energy and kill some time! This weather has been muggy and as you can see by our pre-bath time photo below we are a sweaty mess!


As I type away here I still have a stirring toddler possibly boycotting her nap once again for this afternoon! Ugh-good thing I splurged on that fancy Starbucks iced latte for the day! Thank you Starbucks, thank you for coming to my rescue.


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