There’s a Freshly Picked Giveaway Coming Your Way

I have been waiting months for this post and the opportunity to share this with my followers! It was difficult to keep this quiet but I am excited to announce that Simply Emelia has teamed up with Freshly Picked to give all of you loyal readers and customers of a pretty awesome giveaway that will start this Tuesday, May 26th! One lucky winner will receive a $25 shop credit to Simply Emelia along with their choice of a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins!

After the first of the year I devoted many hours during the week to emailing companies for collaborations. I cannot tell you how many of those emails went without a response. So, when I emailed the company Freshly Picked I never dreamt I would get a response back–and when I did–I pretty much did cart wheels in my living room I was so excited! I’ve been keeping this secret for over two months waiting until this moment to share this exciting news with all of you!

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Freshly Picked you can read part of her story here. She built this incredible business from the ground up! She’s a mom, wife, entrepreneur, author–along with many more amazing roles she fills! She is an excellent example to all small business owners out there who are trying to follow their dreams. She has concurred Shark Tank and Nordstrom’s–and I don’t know about you–but if you are a small business owner –Shark Tank and Nordstrom’s are something to be pretty darn proud of!

I was extremely nervous to do this blog post trying to find every right word to feel good enough to be paired next to such an incredible company–so I thought I’d not only focus on Freshly Picked–but focus on what this is all about–and that’s small business owners.

As I prepared for this giveaway I paired up as well with two of my local favorite girls, CarleyJae and Courtney Beth Photography to help me style-photograph- and display Freshly Picked with Simply Emelia. What I have loved about this whole process is being able to collaborate and support other young women who have started their own businesses. We had four kids under four at this shoot and I LOVED every minute! Courtney captured the pure beauty of these kids and for being little babes-they sure did model their products well!

IMG_3646 IMG_3648

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes with owning a business that so many people do not even realize, and I was one of those people before starting this business myself. I could never understand how someone could charge double for something I could go to a department store and pay a significant amount less for. What I didn’t realize was the time, money,emotion, and commitment that went into that one little item. What I didn’t realize was all the people who played a role behind the scenes in a business like this. That these people put their heart and souls into their products and that every single purchase was special to them, every customer was special.

This is so much more than just a pretty picture on Instagram. There’s choosing supplies, choosing suppliers, choosing tags, choosing labels, shooting photoshoots, styling, emailing-emailing-emailing some more. Marketing, collaborations, inventory, stocking, designing, web pages, stores, shows, printing, and so much more that I’m leaving out.

I cannot tell you how many late nights I stare at a computer screen seeing negative numbers with no revenue–but this is my passion–there is a drive in my heart to share Simply Emelia with everyone I can.

I was so ignorant before–but as I have said many times this business has changed my life. Every ounce of hard work that goes into this at the end of the day is worth it.

There’s that saying “If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life”.

That saying couldn’t ring more true for me. I love this life. I love every single beat of my heart that I put into this. I love that I get to meet and collaborate with such amazing, talented individuals. I love that I am so inspired-more inspired than I have been in my entire life–and I have all the wonderful people I’ve met on this short journey to thank for that!

So stay tuned because I’ve got an exciting week ahead of the new children’s “Happy” tee launch as well as this fab giveaway!  This Tuesday, May 26th be sure to check out Simply Emelia’s social media accounts for details regarding this giveaway as well as the blog for a full review of these moccasins and to make an official entry for the contest!



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