We Plan, God Laughs

First and foremost I want to thank any of you readers who participated in the Freshly Picked/Simply Emelia giveaway ! It was such a success for my little business and I loved every minute, so thank you!

This has been one of the craziest-busiest times for me! There have been consecutive days  where I find myself wishing there were two, even three of me to accomplish it all.

Chad an I put our house up on the market about a year ago. We had it listed “by owner” for about a month before we changed our minds and took the sign down. We had put the thought of selling our home out of the question until Chad got further along in his apprenticeship. But as they say, “We plan, God laughs.”

About a month ago, my youngest sister-in-law and her fiancé approached us about seriously buying our home.

The offer was one that couldn’t be refused and everything fell into place. We still have some steps to take in the process but as of right now, our first home has sold.

I couldn’t be more thrilled that someone I love gets to enjoy a home I’ve also loved. Our first home. The home we bought as an engaged couple, moved in together as a married couple, and brought our sweet baby girl home for the first time. The memories here are ones thatI will cherish forever.

Then reality set in. Where are we going to live? That is still yet to be decided and as of this week has caused us some major stressors as we pursue options for our future. Yesterday I found myself at my wits end, and by 1:00 when I wanted to throw in the towel I came to the sudden realization that that was not possible– my nurse duties were about to start at the hospital at 3 pm.

I still had 8 hours of caring for people and bedtime would not be occurring till well after midnight. Exhausted, off to work I went mind racing of all the other things I needed to get done. Phone calls/texts kept occuring at work and I did my best to push them aside to care for my patients -the ones who truly needed me during these next 8 hours. By 8 pm I found myself crying in the bathroom having a total melt down. After a few minutes of feeling sorry for myself I dried my tears and headed back onto the floor to be a nurse again–and let me tell you–being a nurse was my saving grace yesterday.

You see our lives don’t stop as nurses those 8 or 12 hours we are working. There are often times many of us have so many other issues going on in our own personal lives that the thought of going to care for others some days when we need to care for ourselves or are families can at times be overwhelming and exhausting. But the reward is one that cannot be explained and a reward that I am so thankful for. Caring for these patients –who are scared–sick–even dying is an opportunity to give them the best care possible during the hardest time in their life. Yes, a shift as a nurse is exhausting, but the reward is far, far greater.

As stressful as I thought my life was yesterday — it didn’t compare in the least to what some of my patient’s were having to deal with. Walking into a cancer patient’s room will quickly make you realize that your own life problems really are not that big. It brings you back down to reality–brings you back to what is important. It makes you realize that life is short–to be grateful for your family, your health, and for life in general. You will quickly realize how self centered you are– making your “little” problems into “bigger” ones.

Yesterday’s “coincidence” of having to work was the exact wake up call God wanted me to have. There is so much else in the world, so many people, who’s lives are so much more turned upside down then my own. My little problems don’t even compare when I see the suffering that the people are enduring.

I can push–pull–and try to force life to go my way, but that’s just not how this life works.

“We plan, God laughs”.

Today I woke up with a new attitude, appreciation,  and outlook.

I can look back to yesterday and appreciate the lesson the Lord was trying to teach me.

His lessons are always good ones–even though we sometimes refuse to see his goodness at the time.

I Hope you are all having a wonderful week.


One thought on “We Plan, God Laughs

  1. This is so good. I have had my moments like that too where I would rather let God know my plan.. And then I learn the hard way that his is the best for me. It will work out 😉 love u!


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