Never Say Never

I cannot believe the month of June is almost half way over–well actually I can–because this insane schedule that has been pulling me around these past few weeks is anything close to being one that will be going away any time soon!

With the final details of selling our home under way we decided to start looking at a potential home for our future. Well start looking we did — but actually finding THE house was something I was NOT expecting. Let alone finding the house in a town I said I’d NEVER move to–and that’s Crown Point.

I grew up in this little bubble of what local regioners like to call the “Tri-Town”. I’m a homebody by heart-I despise change, and I like what I like. There are so many people who I hear say they cannot wait to get out of Northwest Indiana-me on the other hand? I have absolutely no desire to leave. Now don’t get me wrong, Crown Point is still Northwest Indiana, but I had no plans to ever move there. In fact, when my husband suggested we go farther south, the answer was a quick-NO! I’ve told family, I’ve told friends, I’ll never leave my current town. Well–I’m currently eating my words.

We scheduled to have two house showings a few weeks back–and in our typical Chad and Kate style–the homes were complete opposites–because we really had little idea of what we were looking for or what direction we wanted to take. I pouted the whole way out to Crown Point about how it was “too far” and it was “not fair” –and “blah-blah-blah” in true Kate fashion.

The first house was great, it was nicely redone and was actually very refreshing which made me cheer up, but there were things about it that we couldn’t get past so on we went to the next place.

As we pulled up I instantly had deja vu as my husband vocalized the obvious–“This place needs a TON of work–I’m not sure about this”. My mind flashed back to 4 years prior when we pulled up to our current home and he argued with me about evening getting out of the car to go into the house. I begged and pleaded because there was something inside me that knew this was it–and a month or so later we purchased our first home.

We walked through the front door and I didn’t even make it to the kitchen when I looked at my husband and said I love this house. He looked at me with his typical “Kate you’re crazy” face because as he stated 5 minutes prior–this house needs a TON of work.

There’s something to be said though about older homes in Crown Point. They hold this traditional,  timeless feel to them that you will just never get in other areas. As I ran my hands over the original,dark, cherry window frames and looked around at this house that needs some major TLC–I could start to see the house refinished–new floors–new paint–a new kitchen–but most importantly, I could see my family filling this home. I could see my daughter running through this house–I could see then next chapter of our lives begin. I was sold.

Well that all seems pretty easy then doesn’t it? Just buy that dream house! Yes we’re trying–but there are still major hurdles to be jumped with this property which has added to the stress and craziness this June month has brought.

I hope in a few months I can look back at this time and smile thinking-“that wasn’t so bad” as I sip coffee in my new kitchen, but that is yet to be determined and the future is still uncertain. As I go to appointments to pick out new floors-new carpet-and design a kitchen-I find myself trying to not get too excited due to the fact that this home is a foreclosure and sometimes those just do not work out the way you think they are going to.

I’m confident God is going to point us in the direction we are supposed to be heading and if that isn’t in this home, yes I will be disappointed, but I will also know that he has a different plan for our family. I ask for your prayers as we have big changes coming our way!

In the mean time, I’m trying my best to balance my most important job-and that’s being a Mama to my little girl (and rocking all of her stuffed animal friends!).


Who would have thought I’d ever be so in love with a home in a town I always said I’d never to move to. Lesson learned (again) never say never.

Thanks for reading!


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