Hunt & Gather

This past Friday and Saturday I was thrilled to be a part of one of Northwest Indiana’s best pop up markets, Hunt and Gather. I remember first starting Simply Emelia and a goal of mine was to have a booth at this event. I did my first market this past March and needless to say–I was hooked. So when I was asked back for the June market I was beyond honored and so excited to have my business be included with such talented individuals.

It’s hard to even put into words exactly how amazing the experience is. What exactly is Hunt and Gather? Well I can tell you one thing it’s far, FAR from a craft show–and in all honesty–when people ask “What is Hunt and Gather exactly, like a craft show?” my insides cringe.

“Do what you love, if we wait until we’re ready well be waiting the rest of our lives. “

What a great theme for this past market–because as any small business owner who has decided to go for it–you know that you do it because you truly love what you do, it’s a passion inside your soul, and that passion is what pushes you forward.

Carey, owner of Old Green Shutters Antiques, and creator of this Hunt and Gather event is one who you meet once and you never forget. I have not known her long but I can tell you what I have come to know and absolutely admire about this woman. She’s as original as they come, she is one of the kindest people you will come to know, and while owning her own business and creating life changing pop up markets–she does it all gracefully while also being a wife and a mother and so, so much more–to say she rocks it is putting it lightly.

So what’s so life changing about these markets? Imagine being placed in a building with literally the most creative, imaginative, talented artisans you will ever meet. As you walk through each vendor booth you literally are seeing inside a part of their heart and soul. They are letting you in to see every ounce of love they put into their space. In a room full of people-each space, each vendor has a story to tell. As Carey says, “Hunt and Gather is love”. And that friends it is. 
From the Lux Wagon and Mink boutiques, to camp fire hand made roasted s’mores , handmade jewelry and accessories, food trucks, root beer wagons, vintage furniture, candles, clothing, handmade beauty, and repurposed furniture remade into something beautiful again –and there’s something at this market for everyone!

It’s impossible to leave here and not feel inspired! It’s impossible to leave and not want to come back again and again. Each market rain or shine there’s a line waiting to get into this building as the doors open and you can feel the energy fill this remarkable space. The energy is one that cannot quite be explained but I will tell you it’s a good one and it’s an energy as a vendor that you will crave over and over.

My only disappointment and regret, I don’t have the photographs to do this event justice and to capture the beauty that fills this building for two days.

I love Hunt and Gather, every single part and moment ,and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share my passions along side these remarkable souls.

I have met some of the most talented, beautiful people through this journey and I’m so thankful the Lord has lead me down this path and pushed my heart to take this chance in life.

Next market- September 25 and 26! See you there!




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