4th of July Weekend

What a weekend! These are the weekends, the moments, that you wish could hit pause and rewind to make sure you remember every second. Friday evening we decided to go to a local festival with my brother- in- law and sister- in- law and my sweet nephew, Brody (or as Emelia likes to call him, her Bodie). The kids had a blast and these last few months these two have become great friends. I love to hear them interact and listen to their little conversations. My only hope is that they remain close and cherish all these memories they are experiencing together for years to come!

We’ve gone to festivals before with the kids but this was the first time Emelia was able to go on some of the rides. She was in HEAVEN! That kid would have rode every single ride if we let her all night! Poor girl didn’t understand that at just 2 years old- there’s a limit to the number of rides you are allowed on! There’s a height limit hunny boo-sorry!



She honestly had so much fun on this ride!  She threw a mini fit when it was over–and would have spun around on that little car/bike till she was green!

One of my favorite moments of the night was watching my sweet little girl with her big, teddy bear of a daddy in a tiny tea cup! I mean come on-how sweet is this?


Saturday was a day of recouping! We didn’t do much during the day and I was almost glad we didn’t have any parties to attend this fourth.

The evening brought more family time to our house. My nephews and Emelia had their first experience with some sparklers. Toddlers with sparklers–kinda scary–sorry no photos of that were captured because it was pretty short lived. The kids ran through the yard and we did our usual- everyone brings something- for a great cook out meal.

It’s amazing how much life has changed since our kids have arrived! Our 4th of July evenings end WAY earlier these days but there’s so much love and happiness that has also filled our lives. There’s no better way to end the holiday than watching three messy babies play in a bubble bath! Our little trio of love-I just adore them.


We finished up this weekend by my mom’s pool on Sunday! I cannot get over how cute this little girl is in a bathing suit! Those baby thighs–to die for!



It was a wonderful weekend full of family time which was so needed! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well.


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