My Current Favorites –

Sorry in advance if this isn’t your kind of read but I honestly LOVE reading other bloggers product reviews! I’m always interested in to read what other moms/women find to be successful, good buys!


1. This soap–seriously–this soap! I bought this at one of my favorite, local places, Antiques On Main, and was super skeptical at first. Well let me tell you all skeptics flew out the window after that first shower because “Lather Me Up” soap is to die for! Like I couldn’t wait to shower the next day to use it. Now I know you’re probably rolling your eyes as I “OOO and AHH” over a bar of soap–but as a young mom with a toddler–sometimes showering is the only alone time you have that day-

(sometimes it’s not even alone because you have a little face peaking in the shower telling you to hurry it up).

So yea, sorry, I’m in love with a soap.

This product is hand made with 100% virgin olive oil, goats milk, and has an all natural sea sponge attached to the bar.

I use this all the time on my daughter, and I’ve also given it as a gift and each time they rave over it!

My two favorites scents, Cocoa Mango and Coconut. 

2. Body Whip. Another all natural, home made product by one of my favorite small business owners, Nicole, from Rough Edges. I’ve got two big containers at home right now.

“Lemongrass & Teatree” for myself and “Sweet Dream Cream” for Emelia.

 This stuff makes your skin feel like velvet. My skin is chronically dry. Anything that holds up the entire day and has my skin still feeling soft is a product I believe in.  A little bit goes a LONG way with this product and a large jar is just $14.00! Rough Edges actually has a whole body care line and I will definitely be trying their other products in the future!

I keep hassling Nicole to create a web page to ship this stuff out everywhere! Interested in trying out her products? Shoot her a message on Facebook!

3. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. Typically my nails look like I’m about 5 years old. My fingers are short and stubby and my nails do them zero justice. I’ve never been the type to spend money on a manicure either. Now don’t get me wrong-I want to–especially when I see other women with their perfectly shaped, painted nails–but I’m more of a splurge on coffee kind of girl–so I’ll just keep admiring other fresh manis and go along with my day. But this little kit is perfect to do your own at home when needed! There’s nothing worse than painting your nails and having them chip literally hours later. I’m pretty rough on my hands–and being a mom who is always on the go plus constantly washing my hands at work –regular nail polish just isn’t even worth it. This stuff usually gives me a few good days, so for me this is worth it! There’s a great color variety as well to choose from! From poor nail painting experience–don’t rush the drying process with this kit and your nails will turn out just fine!

4. My oil diffuser and Doterra’s Wild Orange essential oil. I am far, far from an essential oil guru as I’ve said in a previous post. Honestly, I just love the way this makes my kitchen smell. I’m always one to go for citrus smelling kitchen soaps so it’s no surprise that this oil is my first (really only) choice to diffuse. I start it almost every morning right after I brew my coffee and it’s just become part of my daily routine now. You can grab an oil diffuser on eBay for way cheaper than they usually are! Been itching to try out some oils? You can order here.

5. The Norwex window cloth. I’m not a big Norwex user but I am a fan of this specific product that they have created. With a two year old who puts her fingers and mouth all over EVERYTHING my front glass door and windows sometimes look like she has finger painted all over them. With a little water, this cloth does miracles. This is the fastest, easiest way to clean my mirrors and windows at home. Some days—fast and easy cleaning is what us mamas need!



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