Twenty-Seven, I Welcome You

July is a big month for us. We celebrate our anniversary, my birthday, and my husband’s birthday. So the past few weeks have been filled with enjoyable gatherings and surprisingly, this year getting older doesn’t seem to be so bad.

Last week was my 27th birthday and I can’t believe I’ve entered my late twenties. Oddly, this  year I don’t feel as “old” as last. Twenty-five into twenty- six was a difficult time for me, but little did I know what was in store for this past year. I’m so grateful for the journey and the direction the Lord has given me to make changes in my life, follow passions, and allow him to lead me again. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel so old because there’s more fire in my soul for this life ahead and that I can thank Jesus for that.

My birthday was low key, exactly how I wanted it. The day was spent with my best girl– and the evening was spent with my family as we gathered for pizza and the best banana birthday cake around, from Beck’s Crown Bakery.




(Excuse my hot mess of a toddler- two year old molars have arrived and home girl was full of all sorts of drool that day —and — pants–those were optional as well I guess).

As you get older the gifts become few-you realize that’s not what’s important. But there’s always that one friend that spoils you and makes you feel so special–the perfect scarf and the most delicious candle (Love you Kelsey).

And your mama-your mama brings you your favorite flowers.


Truth be told, I spoiled myself a few weeks back at Hunt & Gather. I swear each market I find someone I fall in love with just as much as all the others . This market–Rhonda owner of Frippery Clothing. Her booth is filled with the most beautiful, hand made pieces. She is incredibly talented and so kind. I eyed out this bracelet all Friday evening and went to sleep thinking about it.flippery bracelt

Saturday before we opened up for the day I made my way over to make sure I didn’t go to sleep another night thinking about that bracelet but owning it. It is one of my favorite jewelry pieces and I wear it often. At first– I thought it might be difficult to pair with everything but I find I love it more and more as I come up with different combinations of looks to stack with it.

FullSizeRender-43 IMG_4644Quality, uniqueness, and beauty all from a local artisan–Rhonda you have my heart!

Like I said, I welcomed 27 with open arms! How could I not have a good birthday when I have this little ball of fiery fun in my life?! I don’t know what lies ahead this year-but I know one thing for sure– I’ve been shown true faithfulness and blessings and I know he will continue to provide me with so.




Frippery Clothing is on Facebook!

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