Zucchini on Steroids

Thursday evening we celebrated my hubby’s birthday. Chicken wings and his favorite, chocolate cake from Beck’s Crown Bakery. He’s a shy year younger than me but 26 seems to have him feeling old this year. He looks better than he ever has and I swear each year men look better and better with age–it’s just not fair to us women!


Saturday was his official birthday so we had a much needed date night at a local Mexican restaurant then headed into Target to do some random shopping. We headed home for an early night which I was so thankful for. I was exhausted from staying up way to late Friday night on the internet and watching Netflix like some teenager. Note to self–go to bed before 1 AM, heck go to bed BEFORE midnight!

This morning Emelia and I headed to church. I’m ashamed to say its been a few weeks since I’ve gone to church and this morning it was like the Lord was telling me I needed to be there. So off we went and it was such an amazing service. My heart has been longing for months now wondering how I can give back through my business. As my one year anniversary approaches, I’ve been going back and forth on ways to reach more people through Simply Emelia. I’m so thankful the Lord called me to be at church to lead me in the direction he is calling me.More of that to come in later posts though.

This evening I pureed zucchini I had picked from our garden a few days ago to freeze and make bread. I literally have zucchini coming out of my ears. I planted two, a measly two, little zucchini plants and it’s like my garden is on steroids – no  joke.

It’s safe to say I’ll have enough frozen zucchini to supply myself and my family bread for months to come!


Told you—MASSIVE!

But they smell of delicious zucchini bread filling my home this evening makes all that pureeing worth it.

IMG_3218Hope you all had a beautiful Sunday! Now I’m going to dive in to my new book and sip on my favorite beverage!



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