The Best Days

It’s been a good week. Monday I was thankful to have Emelia’s Coco (Auntie Carrie) come by to play with my sweet girl for a few hours while I headed to Crown Point to do some business things for Simply Emelia. I re-priced and stocked way quicker than I planned– so I stopped  at Sip Coffee House for my favorite, iced honey bee latte!  I NEVER sit and drink a coffee like this and I’m typically always grabbing it to go. It was honestly one of the most peaceful mornings I’ve had in a while— and that solo coffee date I had with me-myself- and I–helped replenish my soul.


I was having total mom guilt by the time I got home that day, so after Emelia’s nap I took her to one of her favorite spots, Panera for a mother-daughter dinner date. She squealed the whole way there about the mac-n-cheese which is her favorite menu item

(the only item she will try or wants).


I looked at her sitting in that booth and couldn’t believe how much she has grown up.  I’m trying my best to cherish all of these moments. At the same time– as I sat there with my little bestie– I found myself  looking so forward to the future. The bond between a mother and a daughter is so special, and I hope we are blessed with many more years of  “Nera” dates together!


Wednesday before work I headed to pick up my daily iced coffee and drop some stuff off at Goodwill. Every so often I get a little urge to drive by my childhood home and back through the neighborhood where I grew up. As I drove past my old house we approached the park that I played at when I was a little girl–needless to say we got out and played before heading home. Emelia’s day was made–she would swing all day if she could.



We headed back to Crown Point tonight to do some more inventory and meet my mom up in town for some ice cream. Emelia could have cared less that she got ice cream–she was all about playing in this fountain!  Her giggle–I could have watched her with my mom all night.




These truly are the best days.

Have a wonderful week.



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