Moving | Selfies | and Terrible Twos

It was a busy weekend over here but I still found time to nap and I LOVE naps!  That is when I can actually fall asleep these days due to my mind racing one hundred miles an hour of all the things that need to get done in this life. Packing has started over here. Yes I’m starting early but I’m ready! We are officially in the last stages of the selling/buying process and our closing dates are drawing near. That’s right-we got the dream home!

The dream home that needs more than a little TLC–more like demolition but I am SO excited about the renovation phase. I literally cannot wait to see all my visions become a reality and although this process has been incredibly stressful I know in the end every second will be worth it.

After over 15 years my in-laws also sold their home and this weekend was their last in that house. Saturday was full of packing up their entire life to move them to their next adventure where I know they will create more wonderful memories in the most beautiful, peaceful home!  I couldn’t be more happy for them as they start this next chapter.

Taking a little moving break to play with these cuties. Levi’s name has finally been upgraded by Emelia from “Baby” to his actual name, or as she calls him these days “Lebi”. We have tried to get her to call him by name for months now–but to her–he was just her baby! She must finally be realizing they are only six months a part and he’s not so much of a baby after all!


She also got a little selfie action in with her ShayShay! Girl–that paci has got to go soon!


Sunday morning was spent at church- followed by nothing better than a Sunday nap! This evening we spent some time with my mama and did a little shopping. Emelia had her first meltdown in a store over not getting a toy–thankfully we left quickly before I got too many stair downs! Ugh-the terrible twos have arrived and I’m trying my best to be patient with her. You know I really thought I was going to be the exception and not have a child who went through “terrible twos” or have a child who EVER had meltdowns in a store -yea there’s not exception here. The crocodile tears were flowing over the puppy we had to leave at the store–sorry Em–puppy must stay!

She quickly got over the puppy once we made it home and channeled her inner diva while I snapped some photos. I’ve got my hands full with this girl! But she’s the sweetest diva I know!




Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Baby Mocs: Freshly Picked 

Lemon Trousers: Cute Little Babes 

Jesus Shirt: Simply Emelia 

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