Sleep > The Worm

Ugh today is one for the books. I’m pretty sure this is how Mondays are supposed to feel, not Thursdays. Nurse duty last night didn’t have me sleeping till past 1:00 AM. Of course, I had a sweet pea toddler decide she was going to be up with the birds today at 5:55 in the morning and it took everything in me to open up my burning eye lids.

I guess the early bird does catch the worm (I mean I’d rather miss the worm if it means I get to sleep but I guess Emelia’s more of a catch it kind of girl). The kitchen was cleaned before 8:00 while that princess indulged in some Netflix Mickey episodes on repeat-judge me if you must.

I had a scheduled meeting with my printer today at 9:00 at my house (how amazing that she comes to my house right? She’s a God send!). After multiple cups of reheated coffee I was able to go over 150+ garments which will be printed with in the next few weeks for Simply Emelia. Bring it Fall–I’m ready for you!

Toddlers don’t understand the concept of a  business meeting. In fact, I’m pretty sure every toddler has this magic instinct to recognize when you are trying to do something important. Pretty quickly into my meeting jammies were coming off–arguements were occurring over the fact that that shoe is on the wrong foot and doesn’t go on that way–pen stealing was occurring. Why do we even try to argue with these little toddler people anyway?!

Finally my poor printer was able to make a dash for the exit (poor girl—take me with you please?!) By 10:00 my two year old was now naked, shoe still on the wrong foot, and now covered in ink from the pen she had stolen.

So what’s a chick to do? That’s right–find another mom to pout with who shares in my sleep deprivation–a maniac toddler–and the urge to throw in the towel at any given moment–thank the Lord for our Shay Shay today (Emelia’s Auntie Michelle).

Off we went–Emelia played with her cousin and I got some one on one adult time. Home girl even got some left overs for lunch before we left-I was majorly winning now! Shay Shay was the saving grace today.

I was all smiles on the way home–knowing nap time was occurring early today because–well —she was up before 6 AM–Emelia was in protest mode–how shocking, is my sarcasm too much yet? After 45 minutes she gave up–SILENCE–I LOVE YOU SILENCE!

And here I sit-Netflix on repeat and coffee reheated again. Someone please remind me to go to bed at a normal hour tonight.


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