An Overwhelmed Heart & a Pink Piano.

This past Friday we officially closed on our current home and our first home is sold. A flood of emotions overwhelmed me at the end of last week. So much doubt filled my heart and I was a an emotional wreck Friday morning before I sat at the table to say goodbye to our home.

The foreclosure/remodel process is really no joke-and for anyone who has successfully completed this process or actually does this for a living-my hat is off to you! I bit off way more than I could chew with this new house project that lies ahead.

I’m a control freak by nature-total type A-I like to-do lists-I like plans-and I HATE change. This process has challenged every one of the those qualities, hence Friday’s emotionally wrecked state.

The entire way to closing on our current home I played Jesus Culture’s “You Are Faithful” on repeat and repeated this verse over and over the whole way there.       


Some of the most wonderful things that happen to us in life don’t come easily. Often our greatest accomplishments, greatest achievements, greatest life lessons don’t come without tears, fear, and questions.

I know my Father is teaching me so many lessons throughout this process. He’s teaching me patience, he’s teaching me gratitude. and he’s continuously trying to instill in me that HE is in CONTROL of my life. He’s teaching me to cling to him, to pray to him, to understand him.

“I’ve come far to find you here, in this place will I draw near.” -Jesus Culture

Friday evening we decided to get a baby sitter for Emelia and head to our new home town  for The Pink Piano event. Kevin (who I met through starting my small business)  is a  truly gifted artist on so many different levels and often dreams up beauty such as the Pink Piano –the difference between Kevin’s dreams and most  is that he makes his dreams reality. An incredible reality at that!


This was an evening of perfection–talent—and community–all drawn together for a pink piano in the middle of a small town–but it was so much more than a piano. It was beautiful. My favorite moment of the evening–five incredibly talented men, gathered around–belting out the most beautiful version of “Because He Lives”. Goosebumps EVERYWHERE!

“Because I know He holds the future, And life is worth the living, just because He lives.”

Amen. No seriously, AMEN!

I was so thankful for that pink piano in the square that day. Thank you Kevin for that piano!

Before heading home we headed on over to Cafe Fresco for my favorite beverage (coffee).



One more reminder from Him to finish out that day.

“Clear your mind of can’t.”

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! If you live in Northwest Indiana visit to learn more about this awesome, community event! Also, be sure to check out The Pink Piano on Facebook!



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