It Takes a Village

Two weeks ago we finally were able to close on our new home (new isn’t quite the right word though). I blogged a while back about a “dream home” a dream home that was a foreclosure, disaster actually. A home with the exact “bones” that we were looking for structurally— but that we would begin to tear apart —the exact same day we signed on the dotted line.

And tear apart we have. My husband let me take one swing with the sludge hammer to a cabinet (I barely made a dent) before he took it back from me. The kitchen was gutted the first day and it’s the room I’m most anxious to see finished and completely transformed.

The three plus month process it took to get us to our closing date was a journey–a journey I don’t wish to take again any time soon, but as I slowly see my home transform into our vision I realize every moment was worth it.

I was the girl years ago who saved pictures from magazines saying “one day” well in many ways that “one day” has arrived and I still am in disbelief how it all worked out and fell into place. I’m in awe always of God’s timing and how perfect it is in retrospect, how he places us exactly where we are meant to be in His time. I’m so thankful for this next journey he is taking my family on and I’m so excited to see what’s next for us.

One of those photographs I saved two years ago was a kitchen ceiling my heart melted over. So the ceiling was a must!

I began immediately-painting over 150 boards! There’s something therapeutic about painting and it was great to have the quiet time with my paint brushes, especially when on the other side of my wall was chaos.

FullSizeRender-91 FullSizeRender-92

Over the weekend our entire family flooded our construction zone with helping hands. Whether it was to brave a jungle’s worth of landscaping, paint, begin to transform the kitchen ceiling, clean, or just give us some laughs during frequent Home Depot runs– they were there.

All there, ready to help, so eager and just as excited for Chad and I as we make our dreams a reality. One thing I’ve learned over the past couple of years is family truly is forever. No matter what anyone tells you, your friends will come and go, but your family will always be by your side.FullSizeRender-89 This picture makes me laugh, so typical. There my dad stands, hands on hips, laughing—and there my step mom is working away. 


Isn’t all that old glue on the ceiling pretty? UGH! We were not expecting to have to scrape all that off– but we did it!


Somehow my mother-in-law and I always get sent to Home Depot. The two of just wonder the aisles hoping we are buying all the “right” things.

As I stood there Friday night and looked around my home I was so proud. So proud to have my people. This project has shown me that it takes a village- truly- and without our little village these past few weeks Chad and I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything close to what has been done. Thank you to our family for your love, support, and generosity as we take this next leap in life. We love you all so much.


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