One Corner at a time

In the beginning of this home renovation my mind  jumped from corner to corner of this house every time I stepped foot inside. As the projects began, floors were laid, walls were painted, my mind raced. I literally had an empty canvas to do whatever my heart pleased. My heart was SO pleased. But my mind, my mind just kept racing.

You know how everyone tells you “Just start with one room. Just finish one room at a time.”

Do you know how freaking hard that is to do? It is almost impossible to stick to that advice! And I really have not, but I can say I have been able to focus more on a room at a time and it is becoming easier as we are here longer. I add a piece here and there throughout this house and it all is starting to fall together slowly but surely!

One of my favorite rooms in our home is our bedroom, for many reasons, but I refuse to show you the before and afters yet of the entire space because the perfectionist in me wants the full effect of knowing that room is totally COMPLETE (we’re almost there, and I’m dying to be there!).

So in the mean time, I’ll give you a sneak peak of a small little corner where I’ve added a very personal touch of feelings.

A while back I found a small business shop { Linen & Lace Shop} through one of my favorite bloggers.


I knew for a long time the style of piece I wanted to hang in this space but didn’t quite know what I wanted written there.

Then, I found them. Some of the most beautiful lyrics ever written. To wake up every morning and truly mean these words with every space in your heart, can you imagine? But as I do read them every day I pray to get to that place with Jesus.

“If I grow, let me grow in You
whilt the seeds of wanting more
ripped and pried out by the roots
and if I’m still, let me hear You speak
Not the tone of my transgressions,
but the song of the Redeemed.”

Britanni read my mind, perfected my vision, and delivered the perfect piece for my special place.


I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

I love this space.




Visit Linen & Lace Shop for the perfect piece for your home too!

End table: Repurposed with Rethunk Junk paint

Lamp from Target

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