Bedroom Makeover

I went through a phase when I first got married where I spray painted everything black. Chad and I married at 21 and 22 years old. Pretty much everything that filled our home were hammy downs [which I proceeded to try to make new]

 Fast forward almost 5 years later — our lives have changed. We are in our second home which we purchased as a foreclosure and have spent the last 6 months making our own. We doubled the size of our last space and being truly honest there was no possible way we could just buy everything new to fill this house so some of those hammies came with us — but many of them have gotten a new makeover since our move.

I’ve blogged before about Rethunk Junk and it’s Rethunk again for the win when it comes to furniture makeovers.

I’ve redone multiple pieces in our new house to freshen them up and I’m proud to show you my finished bedroom space.

But first–a before.IMG_2652

The ball wallpaper just wasn’t going to do it–just sayin.

This dresser was one of the pieces I had sprayed black. Bye bye black-its been fun.

You actually do not have to sand with Rethunk Junk paint but I wanted the natural wood to come through with no black showing so I opted to this time.


The dresser is completely transformed and I love how fresh it feels now!

One thing we did splurge on for this house was a new, king size bed

[in my opinion it was one of our best buys]].

Over 3 years ago I saved a photo of this headboard from a magazine and my father-in-law brought the photo to life when he re-created it for me. It is hands down one of my favorite pieces in my house.




It’s truly my oasis and I LOVE my room. A little bit of old-a little bit of new! Just how I like it!


Dresser: Redone with Rethunk Junk Paint

Dresser / Nightstand Knobs: Hobby Lobby

Night Stand: Redone with Rethunk Junk Paint

Custom Handmade Sign: Linen & Lace Shop

Lamp: Target

Headboard: Handmade by my father-in-law

Bedding: Wayfair

Sheets: Target

Throw Pillows: Homegoods

Throw Blanket: Homegoods

Hanging Light: Antique Store Find

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