Starting The Next Chapter

We officially started a new chapter and launched the new space last week and I’m just so over the moon about it. It’s been a true blessing to be able to create this!

What brings me more joy though is who we are creating it with and what the space represents.

Over a month or so ago when the booth was offered to me I questioned for a moment whether or not the timing was right. Could I do this by myself? Did I have the time?

In that next moment though–something was telling me–

“Why do you have to do this by yourself?”

That’s where it all started and that’s when I gave Antiques On Main a quick “YES!”.

I know Jesus continues to lay things on my heart. I know the introvert I am. It was so common for me to go into this wondering how I was going to do this solo, but he quickly calls on my heart to do otherwise.

That’s when I felt called to reach out to other small businesses  that I’ve grown to love and from there it just all came together.

Parris Chic Boutique

Their products go deeper than pretty things to decorate your home with. This line of home & wedding décor is meant to speak truth and help you celebrate and cherish the love in your life.  All Parris Chic Boutique items are handmade from start to finish here at our shop in Allentown, New Jersey. They test each and every item to deliver you the highest quality products on the market.

And now I get to offer them to you in the Simply Emelia booth! I couldn’t be more thrilled!!


Antique Candle Works

They’re a small candle making team dedicated to creating the best smelling candles hand poured in Chesterton, Indiana.They use wax from domestically grown soy beans and fine fragrance oils. These candles are clean burning and long-lasting. AND AMAZING

Brittany and I met through the local Hunt & Gather event and clicked immediately. This girl is one of the nicest people I have ever met and her candles are the BEST!



Linen & Lace Shop 

I found Brittani through one of my favorite bloggers and she did a custom piece for our new house. Linen & Lace is a husband and wife team! Every piece of their art is cut, sanded, painted and treated by their own two hands.
Their mission is to inspire your heart and soul with words, using hand lettering calligraphy for your everyday life.

Linen & Lace will be added to our booth later this week! I’m so excited to have her special touch in our space! And to bring her love to you all the way from TEXAS!

My Father-in-law

I dont have a special link to offer you for this man but I have so much pride and so much happiness fills my heart knowing we get to display his beauty for others to appreciate. We’ll be adding custom, handmade wood worked pieces here and there to fill our space with natural woods over time. He handmade my headboard in our current new home <view here> and has created a smaller, BEAUTY,  twin size bed version for our booth space! He’s one of the most humble people I know and is extremely talented!


We’ll be adding more small shops here and there and are so excited about this journey ahead!



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