Weekend Fun + Swag Light Love

Friday while my sweet girl napped I shopped for some more goods for our booth at the store. I’m so excited to place this next order and it just keeps getting more fun stocking this space!

I got a call that one of our tables sold at the store so I knew I needed to do a quick restock and some rearranging after Emelia woke up from her nap.

Of course we were running on limited time and it was asking WAY too much for a little girl to get out of those jimmies post nap time. So off we went-fleece jimmies and all-in 80+ degree weather I might add.


I’m OBSESSING over these cotton stems lately ! They soften up any room and are honestly to die for! It’s been a little torture having to keep them at the booth and none for home.


That little table got a great makeover and I think it fills the middle of the booth perfectly right now.


Saturday morning we made our way up to the farmer’s market.  Apple fritters, fresh flowers, and fruit cups made it the perfect morning trip.

Emelia headed back to my mom’s while I ran to Costco to get a few main items I needed to restock my fridge with.

After one too many Dairy Queen blizzards this week I was back to clean eating again this Saturday. One of my favorite lunches right now is this home made salad topped with chicken, craisins, and cucumbers + my favorite dressing by Bolthouse! Can you say DELISH?



We’ve recently added a swag light above our kitchen sink and I’m in love. It really added something to that empty space.

Swag Light | Lowes


Those flowers from the market add the perfect accent for this weekend. There’s just nothing like fresh flowers! IMG_3922

Hope you had a great weekend!


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