Pro Naps & Pig Pens

I have a case of the Mondays and I don’t think you’re really allowed to have that case if you have Monday’s off. Don’t hate me.

This weekend I worked my first 12 hour midnight shift in over two years and LET ME TELL YOU–home girl can’t hang anymore.

To the nurses who do this shift night after night-year after year-I salute you-because 24 hours later and I’m still a walking zombie–but hey–I’m showered–and I even made home made waffles this morning!


I started on the Advocare train this past winter and it has really changed my life–but this summer my clean eating life style has kind of flown the coop and I’m feeling all sorts of sluggish again–bring me all the dairy queen blizzards–yea that’s me.

Plus — Lake County Fair’s in town and you might as well just get your stretch pants out the day after you visit that place.

Corn dogs–lemonade <aka sugarade> Ice cream–you name it we ate it–then we went and smelled the pigs.

I kind of felt like one too after all of the above. Like I could have laid right down in the pen with them. Seriously.

But this picture of my lovies–ALL THE FEELS isn’t it?!


So today I’m sitting on my little front porch steps sippin my Spark instead of brewing a pot of coffee–I can’t promise I won’t get an iced one from the drive thru later but for now–I’m still clean.

Clean and enjoying the peace right now. My three year old is anti-naps these days. But this mom is PRO NAP. So we still do this whole “rest time” thing for a couple hours.

She sings–tells stories–all up there in her bed. She’ll give me a whole set of songs belting it out loud and proud–until she’s done–then the “MOOOOOOOOM” “MOOOOOMMMMAAAA” “MOMMMMMY LET ME OUT” starts and well–my rest time is  over for the day.

I’m pretty sure she’s on her last song of the set for the day so until next time-



One thought on “Pro Naps & Pig Pens

  1. Boy oh boy, I’ve missed your writing! I get so excited when I see Simply Emelia popped in my email inbox. Thank you for making my day today my little girl!


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