Insight Design Conference-Thank You

This weekend I was humbled to take part in Insight Design Conference!

It’s a  local creative community networking event, featuring speakers that lift up the mission to educate, inspire & transform.

It’s a room full of creatives, with so many different passions, yet were all connected through our passions.

It was incredibly inspiring.

Truth be told, a few months back when I was approached about this my answer was a quick no. After being approached the second time I really felt like the Lord was pushing me to do something out of my comfort zone.

What I’ve realized most about these past few years is every time the Lord has called me out of my safe bubble there is always opportunity for tremendous growth.


Don’t get me wrong–I prefer to stay in the bubble every chance I get, but that’s not where He wants me.

Over the past few weeks I’d been preparing for this presentation, just 5 slides, just 5 minutes.

Just thinking about it gave me cold sweats (seriously). I’ve prayed a lot to speak with ease and to deliver the message the Lord has sent. But 5 minutes. How was I going to speak for 5 minutes?

After sitting down to write I was surprised how quickly that 5 minutes came and went -I actually had to pull parts of the message to make sure I was in the time frame that was expected.

They blow this big air horn if your over your time–who wants to be air horned off the stage? Not me.

<PS I was within my time–Thank you Jesus for that as well.>

Here’s the bulk of that story and those 5 minutes that I am so grateful for.

“It was important for me to elaborate more so on the blessings that have come from this business rather than just focusing on the actual business itself. It also was important for me to touch on something I know many of us may struggle with at some point and that is what I’ve called Failure vs Fruit.

So to some, or from some of a worldly view, Simply Emelia is not a successful business when we look at success from a financial standpoint.

Up until this point in time, creating these shirts has provided no financial gain for my family.

Everything earned has gone back into recreating and or is donated month after month.

So I’m often asked from many, when will you see fruit? Financial fruit that is?

I believe grace is a love that has nothing to do with us but everything to do with the one from whom it derived. God’s grace is more than a second chance, it’s a third, forth, and fifth. It’s a love that keeps on giving regardless of our past.

My past is far from perfect. In fact when I was led on this journey three years ago depression had left me dark and isolated. I was crying out to God for answers, direction, and clarity.

I believe He delivered me Simply Emelia and I ran with Him on this new path, a path which changed everything for me.

But Simply Emelia hasn’t just been fruitful to my life, I get the proud honor of hearing stories like this one, of a five year old little girl at the time who’s mom bought a t-shirt which sparked a conversation about grace.

The definition of grace, what grace meant for her, and how she received grace from Jesus.

That same little girl went to school the next week and share with her classmates the definition of grace, what grace meant for them, and how they too have received grace from Jesus.

That is the true “Fruit” I feel God has given through Simply Emelia. The fruit that allowed a five year old little girl to grasp the power of God’s love and to go on and share the gospel with other people.

What God has delivered has been far greater than any financial gain could have given. He continues to show me what we view or are often led to believe is successful often times is not, because His vision and His view will always be for something greater.

So I want to encourage you in the near future to find time to quiet the loudness of your life. Quiet yourself enough to maybe hear a gentle voice calling you into a direction, to places you’ve never imagined.

I am an introverted, registered nurse, who knew nothing about this business. This road made ZERO sense three years ago, but God has placed incredible people in my life to carry on with this journey.

People have directed, educated, loved, prayed, and supported this dream, this idea, this passion that Christ has truly fueled.

Those passions, those dreams, those ideas that don’t make sense to anyone else but are continually laid on your heart are not coincidences.

They are the very things that not only have the power to change your life, but the power to change and bless others.

Hold God’s vision closely, trust the journey He’s leading you on. It may not always be easy, it may not make any sense, but it just may be the very thing that changes your world.

And I promise you, it’s worth it.”

Thank you to Kevin, Dan, and Joe for creating and hosting this amazing event and allowing me to be a part of such a loving, creative atmosphere. A special thank you as well to every speaker and listener. Thank you for not only sharing with me but allowing me to share my story with you. What an unforgettable night!

I look so forward to posting this week what I have learned through this conference and most importantly the lessons the Lord has delivered.



One thought on “Insight Design Conference-Thank You

  1. Thank you for sharing to the world your dreams, passion, fears, your incredible story and journey. Love you more, can’t wait to see what comes next.


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