Great Things

I meant to blog this last week!

So going back to Insight Design Conference

I am always amazed by the God given talents people have that we may not even be aware of.

Insight was truly such an eye opening, inspiring, night full of creatives sharing their dreams.

As I sat down to prepare for the presentation I came across a song from Elevation Worship “Great Things (Worth It All)”. I played that song on repeat for weeks moving forward. I’m currently listening to it now as I write this.

I was reminded through this experience of all the ways the Lord has blessed and transformed my life.

He did all the work in me, I just held his hand.

“Through the fire and the flood you have never let me go and my soul will sing you have done great things. I am weak you are strong you will always be my hope, and my soul will sing you have done great things.”

I don’t know about you, but I can barely get through those lines without the tears wanting to fall down my face.

These past three years in life have been anything but an easy stroll. My little family has had many changes, many highs, many lows, many days of doubt. But the Lord has also given many blessings and has shown His love and goodness over and over again.

We’ve had moments where even looking back I’m not always sure how we made it through, but I’m quickly reminded that it was not us who made it through-

it was Christ who carried us.

Insight truly made me look back and reflect the road of life all together. The road of life to this very moment. The road where the love of Christ has prevailed. That no matter how dark the road may have been–God’s love was always be the shining light at the end of that tunnel that was reaching for us.

There are underlying blessings in everything and everywhere.

My goal for that conference was to share the love of Jesus through Simply Emleia, but that conference actually reminded M E  to hit M Y  knees more often for the great things God has done and continues to do in this life.

Maybe your road is dark right now. Maybe you’re right in the middle of a mess in this life. Maybe you are doubting that Christ can use your circumstance for something greater.

I’m here to remind you that He can. He will. That only His love can cover, deliver, and prevail. Keep holding his hand, keep trusting His path. One day you will look back in astonishment of where He has lead you.




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