Repurposed Door Decor

We’ve been at a standstill when it came to any sort of decorating with our rehab house for some time now. Honestly it was due a few reasons.

One, I think we needed a break.

We have been dealing with a contractor for well over a year now. Needing to follow certain guidelines due to this process, it’s been anything but rainbows and butterflies.

We are finally at the E N D. One year later.

The end result of this journey has given us the blessing of this home. A home truthfully, we would never have been able to afford if it hadn’t  been due to it’s foreclosure status. As I look back now it was really all worth it–but let me tell you–there have been plenty of days through this I have been ANYTHING but grateful or optimistic. And really, shame on me for that.

But it’s the truth.

Two, it takes money to decorate and do these PINTEREST projects. Money that we have not really had to put back into the house.

Training yourself to pay for cash for things when you’ve got a track history of swiping the plastic is HARD.

Ugh, I’m approaching thirty. It’s time to figure this thing of finances out. It’s time to be a grown up.

Well we finally had a little cash we were able to use for a project. My heart skipped a beat. Seriously.

This door was given to me for free out of the kindness of my friends heart.


After two little coats of some Rethunk Junk “cotton” paint it was perfect for that empty wall in kitchen. I placed my beloved cotton wreath on there and WALLAH! Seriously, what a beauty.



Truth be told, I really want to put a coffee station on that wall. But I have to save for that. It continues to be a “someday” project. BOO!

Next up is that dreaded back hallway and nook!

Here’s the before.


 I convinced my hubby to shiplap this ENTIRE space for me. It’s currently a mess but soon it will be a breath of fresh air. Stay tuned!



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