Small Business Treasures and Crocks with Socks

I cannot believe it is only Tuesday–it’s one of those weeks where I don’t even remember what I did Monday, which was sadly just yesterday. Do you ever try to pack so much in your day that it feels like it was more than one day?? Yes, that was my Monday! So I’ll focus on what I meant to blog about yesterday, the weekend!

My mom and I had big plans this past weekend to purchase and plant all the flowers for my house and work on my landscape and gardens, but this Indiana weather had a different plan! The nights here have still been pretty cold–in the 30-40s–so gardening has been on hold! But we didn’t let that stop us from checking out some local nurseries and greenhouses and exploring over the weekend! My mom found this adorable place, Windmill Acres in Beecher, Illinois a few years back. She has always talked about it but this was my first time going with her! My in-laws own Jansma’s Farmstand in Lansing, Illinois so we support their family business every year and buy all of our flowers from there, but Friday afternoon Emelia and I were bored so we took a little drive out to my mom’s special place and oh my goodness it is special! Now, I did not buy anything besides this adorable, little succulent, I have to stay true to my wooden shoe family farmstand, but this place is truly adorable!


One of my favorite things about the farm was the fact that they’ve thought of something for the whole family while you are visiting! They have this huge play ground for kids and right next to it a pen of chickens and goats which Emelia loved! They also have little wagons you can pull your kids in and an adorable little gift shop (which I did not get to spend a lot of time in because I have a grabby-two year old that could do some destruction in sweet little gift shops like that).

 IMG_3375 IMG_3376IMG_3374

It was truly a unique, hidden, place that I wish more people knew about! It was worth the drive out to Beecher and honestly it is beautiful out there! I love supporting family owned businesses! I see how hard my father-in-law has and continues to work to run his business and I wish more people would support small, local businesses like these more! I encourage you to stop in at a little local, family owned nursery this year! Whether it be to buy some fresh produce or fresh flowers, try it out and buy something! I promise you’ll be hooked on these small business treasures too!

Saturday I had planned to visit a few more places with my mom but it was down pouring in the morning. We did make a few stops and randomly ran into another nursery out in Crete. It was too rainy and cold to be outside so we headed inside– that day they were offering painting for kids! Emelia painted her first bird house and she loved it! Even though the weather altered our original plans it actually turned out to be a wonderful morning!


And Emelia could have cared less that it was raining–give that girl a dum-dum lollipop and she’s good to go! Plus she got to wear her favorite rain boots–she was in her happy place!


Sunday morning my girl and I headed to church and then spent the rest of the day outside. Although the weather was still chilly we were able to lay new mulch down and get some yard work done! I honestly love this time of year! One of my favorite things to do is take care of my yard and plant flowers! I thought I’d give you a little glimpse of my yard work attire! Crocks with socks–I know I’m so chic right? I know my neighbors think so!


Hope you guys had a great weekend + Monday!


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