May the Glory Go to Him

Its been a minute. A long minute at that. It’s been well over a month since my last blog post and I’m almost giddy to get slightly back into the swing of things again.

Life has happened —and has taken over. For the first time in a long time I have allowed it to. I’ve realized with this move that I cannot do it all. It’s really not even worth it to try to. Something had to give through this transition and Simply Emelia was one of the “somethings”.

I am mom first. My family and home is what needs to come first. It’s so, SO easy to get priorities misplaced and to be side tracked constantly–I struggle frequently with this.

I’m ashamed to say my church participation also was something I let slip during my move.This past Sunday I packed Emelia up and off we went heading back to our other home.

Literally– it was like breathing fresh air back into my lungs on Sunday walking in to my church. It was a time of reflection–a time of perspective—how quickly I’ve forgotten that I am also a daughter, my Heavenly Father’s daughter–a role I’ve misplaced on the totem pole of life.

A role I need to make known, in my home, for my family, for my friends, most importantly for my own daughter. I want her to know yes she is my child, but first she is HIS.

A while back I stumbled across a company on Instagram, House of Belonging. I admired—for months, to my sister-in-law, really to ANYONE who would listen how beautiful this company was, how beautiful her signs were, how beautiful her message was.

From the moment I walked into our house, I knew where I would place one of those beautiful signs.

I ordered this over TWO months ago, as I pulled it out of the box and placed it in the spot I had imagined all along a lump hit my throat. These are the words, the feelings, the love that I should be singing, be praising, every single day of my life.


This is the feeling I want my family, my friends, a neighbor, a stranger, my daughter to feel when she walks through my front door. I don’t want them to just see words written on a canvas but I want them to feel the actual love of God filling my home.

How true, how perfect are these words, how perfect is this sign? How amazing to wake up every morning and read this beautiful piece of art.


Thank you to Tiffini for creating an amazing company where you spread the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ in all you do. Thank you for the beauty you have created through Him.

I haven’t felt this at peace in my surroundings for a long, long time. This home is my place. I long to fill it with God’s word and constant reminders from my Father to not stray from the things that are most important in this life. How easy is it to do so, I have so many times already with this home purchase and remodel.


“Lord forgive me. This home is a new beginning, a new path–may the glory go to you as we start this next chapter of this life that you have blessed us with, may we remember the blessings we have been given all flow through you who is forever faithful.”



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